Diamonds Light Baltimore

Light City Baltimore Artist and Architect Mina Cheon and Gaberial Kroiz visited the Upper School Maker Space to share their collaborative project for the up coming Light City Baltimore event.

Our students were treated to a thorough discussion about the artistic process that delved deep  into prototyping, fabrication and the balance between meaning and materials.

“Brilliant diamonds cast along the banks of the Jones Falls River. These 15 larger-than-life LED sculptures create illuminated landscapes of fabulous proportions and signify two Baltimores, one prosperous and hopeful and the other in a state of permanent emergency. The light will change from white to blue at 10pm recalling last April’s citywide curfew and respond to the most current and largest city light installation in Baltimore, the blue light police surveillance. ”  Mina Cheon

Come out for the 1.5 miles of Light City Art Walk. Light City is during March 28 to April 3, with evening festival hours 7 – 11pm, with Friday and Saturday till 12 midnight.

Diamonds Light Baltimore

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Mina Cheon

Gabriel Kroiz


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